How to stay safe during a storm

As Ophelia makes landfall across the country, please remember some top tips for yourself or older people you know.

Tip 1: Stay in

  • Stay inside until the storm passes. It should be over by tomorrow.
  • If you do not already have your torches or matches, try and make do with what you have. Do not go out in the storm to get supplies.
  • Secure any loose items that are outside. Think of older people who may not be able to do it on their own and help if you can.
  • Keep windows locked and pets inside.

Tip 2: Stay calm

  • If you lose power, do not panic. ESB will be aware of the outages in your area and will be in touch.
  • Charge your mobile phone now in case you do lose power.

Tip 3: Stay connected

  • If you’re on your own, be sure to contact someone so they know you’re safe.
  • Reach out to an older person if you know they are on their own to be sure they have everything they need. Be sure to keep yourself safe when helping others.
  • Keep in contact with local council and fire services, or local news, for updates.

If you have an emergency, contact 999. For any other concerns, you can contact 01 679 1032.