Campaigns for Change

ALONE’s Campaigns for Change are designed to raise awareness about the challenges and issues that older people experience as they age

We work directly with older people in need, meaning that all our campaigns represent the real situations facing the older people we work with.  As well as highlighting issues, our campaigns are also designed to make real changes at an individual, local and political level.

Our Campaigns aim to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Create public debate
  • Make real changes at an individual, local and political level

As people get older they may require additional support to help them age at home.  If a support service is failing them, or if no service is available to meet their needs, older people may not always have the capacity to advocate on their own behalf.  This is where ALONE’s Campaigns for Change can help.

Principles of ALONE’s Campaigns:

We aim to:

  • Tell the truth about the challenges older people face in Ireland today
  • Speak out when we see the rights of older people being compromised
  • Support older people in need based on more than 40 years experience
  • Campaign on behalf of the individual

Our key campaigning issues:

  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Housing difficulties and homelessness
  • Home Supports and health services
  • Financial difficulty and poverty

Who do we campaign for?

  • We campaign on behalf of older people who cannot access the services they need
  • We campaign for older people whose homes need heating, disability access and major maintenance works in order for them to be made sage and habitable
  • We campaign on behalf of older people whose support services have been cut or if a service has failed them

Our Recent Campaigns

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