Vodafone Ireland has today announced its Christmas charity initiative, the ALONE Gift of Connection Appeal, as part of its partnership with ALONE, an organisation that supports older people in Ireland.

The initiative encourages Vodafone customers to trade-in their old mobile phone devices and donate a portion of the trade-in credit. The donations will go towards purchasing new mobile phones for ALONE. As part of its on-going partnership with ALONE, Vodafone Ireland Foundation* will match donations made by customers.  The Vodafone Ireland trade-in programme is part of a company-wide commitment to the planet and an effort to reduce waste and increase the recycling and repurposing of mobile phone devices across Ireland.

Vodafone Ireland’s focus this Christmas is to ensure we all stay connected with one another, particularly those who are most vulnerable. This initiative aims to ensure older members of our communities, in particular, can easily keep in touch with friends and family, emergency response, retailers and more over the coming months.

Vodafone Ireland is encouraging customers trading-in old mobile phone devices, to donate part of the value of the trade-in to the ALONE Gift of Connection Appeal. For every donation made by a customer, Vodafone Ireland Foundation will match this amount. For example, if a customer donates €20 from their device trade-in credit to the ALONE Gift of Connection Appeal, Vodafone Ireland Foundation will also contribute €20, meaning €40 in total will be donated. Funds raised by the initiative will go towards purchasing Nokia 1.3 smartphones for ALONE which will be distributed to older members of our communities around Ireland.

As well as the trade-in service and the ALONE Gift of Connection Appeal, Vodafone stores across Ireland are committed to providing the highest standard of training and awareness for its teams to understand the needs of everyone in our community. Vodafone has introduced changes to improve the in-store experience including free Friday tech appointments for older customers, changes to in-store designs, including additional seating, and the introduction of printed guides for customers so that they can stay informed and connected.

Speaking on the announcement, Liz Roche, Head of Vodafone Foundation Ireland said:

“At Vodafone, connectivity is at the heart of everything we do. As we settle into the winter months in a pandemic, we believe that technology has the power to bring us all closer together, and keep us connected. Organisations like ALONE have been working tirelessly to support older people over the past year, and through the ALONE Gift of Connection Appeal, we want to help them to continue to provide these essential services in our communities. We believe it is vital that we bring our older customers on this digital journey, in terms of access and skills, particularly as we navigate through what will be a very different Christmas this year.”

Seán Moynihan, CEO of ALONE said, “The ALONE Gift of Connection Appeal by Vodafone is bringing us that one step closer to our dreams of bringing connectivity into the homes of older people. By having customers donate or trade-in their phones, we will in turn be able to give an older person a life-line while being one step closer to their nearest and dearest. At a time when physical connection has been stripped away, Vodafone is giving the gift of communication which fits in with our appeal that technology for an older person can be so empowering, while maintaining their independence and health & wellbeing. We believe in technology and are working towards similar goals in order to pave the way towards peace of mind and security for older people. We are delighted to see this becoming a reality with this initiative.”

*Up to a €5000 limit
  Limit of 500 devices will be distributed by ALONE