Community Fundraising

There are many ways to get your community involved with ALONE. You can take part in a sponsored event like a walk or marathon, organise your own event, have a raffle, bake sale or even shave your head. Whatever way you want to fundraise, ALONE are here to support you and provide any materials you may need. 

Please email [email protected] for more information about community fundraisers or to propose a fundraising event. If you would like to fundraise online for ALONE, see our idonate page below.

Run or Walk

There are many walks and runs you can do in aid of charity. We have listed some below:

  • Women’s Mini Marathon
  • Dublin Marathon
  • Connemara International Marathon
  • Tralee Marathon
  • Ballyhoura Trail Ultra
  • Great Limerick Run
  • Belfast Marathon
  • Carrickfergus Marathon, Antrim
  • Boston Block Marathon, Galway
  • Cork City Marathon
  • Wexford Marathon

Hold your own fundraiser

Whether it’s with your friends, with your club or on your own, fundraising events are a great way to give:

  • Bake sale
  • Concert
  • Pop up shop
  • Raffle
  • Bucket collection
  • Quiz
  • Auction
  • Coffee morning
  • Caroling
  • Scavanger hunt

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