ALONE’s Election Campaign – #AGE16

Election 16


ALONE Election Manifesto #AGE16

ALONE are asking the government to implement plans for our ageing demographic and commit to four key aspects that will ensure Ireland’s older population are supported to age at home with dignity. We are also asking the public to make sure their candidates will prioritise the needs of our ageing demographic if they are elected.

Below is a list of our policy recommendations and you can down our full policy document below.

 Policy Recommendation 1: Appoint a Minister to Plan for the Demographic Crisis

We are calling for a Minister with sole responsibility for our rapidly ageing demographic to play one of the most important roles in the next and future governments. S/he would drive the implementation of the National Positive Ageing Strategy and ensure innovative thinking and proper planning for effective solutions and quality services.

Policy Recommendation 2: An Infrastructure to Support Older People Stay at home

 We are calling for investment in a National Infrastructure to deliver a national Support Coordination Service that is accessible to all older people to help them age at home in order to implement Goal 3 of the National Positive Ageing Strategy.

 Policy Recommendation 3: Plan for the Housing Needs of Older People

  • Invest in the development of Extra Care Housing models in this country to reduce dependence on nursing homes in a cost-efficient manner
  • Ensure that older people should be allocated a higher %all social housing
  • Change the current CAS and calf system need to change as they are no longer fit for purpose for development of older peoples housing.
  • Make sure the grant system to help people age at home is consistent and demand driven
  • To build the capacity of the AHB’S to house older people who need support

 Policy Recommendation 4: Ensure that the old-age pension is inflation-proof

 Adopt the Triple Lock Pension model structure used in the UK to ensure that the old-age pension is not devalued.

Policy Recommendation 5- The development of the NGO Ageing Sector

Support the development of national networking, training, quality standards, and research to ensure that the NGO Ageing sector has representative structures at national level to oversee its work and play its part in the coming demographic crisis in full

Read our ALONE Election Manifesto in full here.